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Threshold limit for TDS to be checked contract wise if assessee entered into separate contract with each transporter

April 3, 2021[2021] 125 276 (Chandigarh - Trib.)

INCOME TAX : Where assessee had not deducted TDS on freight payment made by it to track owners on ground that as it had sub-contracted its work of transportation to small truck owners, who did not employ more than two trucks at any time during year, no TDS deduction under section 194C was required on submission of Form 15-I by sub-contractors to assessee, in view of several discrepancies in these forms and also GRs and vouchers related to freight expenses submitted by assessee, AO was justified in referring assessee's case for special audit

INCOME TAX : Where assessee sub contracted its work of transportation to small truck owners and paid them freight charges for same, since revenue at no point had doubted veracity of payment of freight charges by assessee and there were separate contract between assessee and these transporters and no contract had exceeded prescribed limit for TDS, impugned disallowance of freight charges made under section 40(a)(ia) for non deduction of TDS under section 194C was to be deleted

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